James F. O'Donnell
4 Sumutka Court
Carteret NJ  07008
poppyod@verizon.net    Birthday- Dec 12
  After graduation I went to work in the transportation field ,
a trucking Company, and stayed in that field for all my
working years.  I started as a billing clerk was a manager when
I retired.  In October of 1956 I married my childhood
sweetheart Patsy Yeo.  Together we had four children.  Dennis,
the oldest is the Head Men's basketball Coach and the Asst.
Athletic Director at St Thomas Acquinas College in Sparkill,
NY.  Our second son, James Jr., is   the Associate Athletic  
Director at Seton Hall University.  Our one daughter, Eileen is
the Customer Service Supervisor at Mausu Corporation, and
our youngest son, Kevin is the Director of Operations at
Marbella Highrise on Washington Blvd, in Jersey City. We
remember this Street as Henderson Street.
   So in our family we get to see a lot of basketball games and
visit Jersey City.  Our children have given Pat and I five
grandchildren, ages 16 to seven. Timmy, Chris, Elizabeth,
Brianna, and Joseph. Timmy plays basketball for St. Joseph's
in Metuchen. so we see a lot of high school  basketball in our
schedule also.
   In 1970 we moved out of Jersey City to Carteret, the
children went to St Joseph  in Metuchen and Eileen attended
Mother Seton HS in Clark, one of her teachers was  SMHS Sr.
Mary Magdelen.
   My time these days is spent with my grandchildren, or at
the Food Pantry at St. Joseph Church, where I have been the
director for the past twenty years. One of my memories of St
Michael's was Sr. Julia Ann rolling her eyes, and telling me how
much of her teaching I was missing by serving all the funeral
masses at the church.  I'm sure she would be happy to know
that since I retired, I still serve the masses at our church.
   I remember that my favorite song in SMHS was "Blue
Moon"; Patsy and I  had a special song, "There's A Time For
Us"  and  the place to hang out was Sam's Candy Store.  
What's there now--- I have no idea!