Joan Mahon Hanrahan
12827 W Copperstone Drive
Sun City West  AZ  85375     Birthday- Jan. 15
We married in1980 and began travellng  to: Hawaii, Australia,
Hong Kong, Japan, Ireland, and throughout the United States.
Arthur and I never had any children, but I was extremely close to
my sister Dotty.  After an long illness,  Dotty  passed away last

After retirement, I did volunteer work in a nursing home.  In 1990
we moved to Arizona, and I volunteered for Meals On Wheels and
other church activities.  Both of these activities have kept me
busy, but I still find time for music, and exercise at our Recreation
Center .  Music is a big part of my life.  We attend many of the
shows and concerts that come to this area.
I remember that my favorite song in High School was "Lucky O'l
Sun", but now after many years, it's changed to ------ "My Way" !
After graduating from St. Michael's, I was
employed by Oakite Products for 15
years.  Later I worked for the Propagation
of the Faith Society;  where I had the
honor of meeting Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.  
I met my husband Arthur, when he
became my next door neighbor.