We are updating SMHS information and hope to have new classmate
spotlights this year.  Over the past four years we have published 36
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Highlights and turning points of the last fifty -five years;
            personal and professional
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        Same is true for grand kids!
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What is the most interesting job you have held?
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Your hobbies, interests, etc. (couch potato does not
What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment since
         Feel free to brag here if you like!
If you could go back, would do anything different?
What is one thing you know now; you wish you knew in
Did you have a favorite teacher or class?
What was the best party (or celebration) in high school?
Do you have a favorite memory?
Did someone change your life?
What was your favorite song in high school?  What is it
now?  Where was a favorite place to hang out in SMHS?

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